Garena Cybercafe Alliance (GCA)

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GCA LoL Premium FAQs
How do I subscribe to GCA LoL Premium?
Option 1: You may e-mail us at with the following information:

  • Cafe Name:
  • Full Cafe Address:
  • Cafe Owner's Name:
  • Contact Number:
  • Total # of PC:
  • Total # of hours to subscribe (min of Php 1000):
  • Scanned Copy of Business Permit:

Option 2: You may call our Customer Service Hotline at (02)659-7270 to request for GCA LoL Premium subscription.
What are the GCA LoL Premium subscription packages?
GCA LoL Premium is an hourly-based subscription, which means that you can decide on how many hours you want to purchase (minimum of PHP 1000)
How will the hourly based subscription run?
Our system will start deducting your GCA LoL Premium hours once your players launched League of Legends game client, and will stop when it’s closed.

Good thing about this hourly-based subscription is that you’ll be assured that you’ll only pay what is being used.
How will I see my remaining GCA LoL Premium hours?
For an easy and comprehensive guide, click the link HERE
How will the players know if the in-game benefits are activated in their accounts?
For an easy and comprehensive guide for this feature, click the link HERE